- held together with glue


What do The Great Auk, 10 Nights in a Barroom, The Broken Meter, Cannibalism in Tierra Fuego, The Proof that Darwin didn't like Jazz and A Monster from the Arctic Ocean have in common?
Probably not very much except that they all can be seen at Poul Lange's exhibition „1998" (held together by glue) at the SOHO space, „Cast Iron Gallery" from January 30th to February 11th.
The exhibition consists of 365 collages - one created on each day of the entire calendar year 1998.
Poul Lange has been working in the medium of collage for several years, having had an exhibition at the Unibank Gallery in March/April 1997, but this project is his most ambitious so far.
The idea behind the show was to create a visual journal, showing what kinds of inspiration presented itself to the artist on every single day of a full year. Sometimes the pictures reflect personal events, sometimes political content is included, but often a collage representing a particular day simply consists of fragments that caught the eye on that day.
Each month has a visual theme indicated by the background material chosen for the collages. You will see February on Chinese accounting sheets, April on Japanese gold-edged calligraphy boards, June on old photo album pages and so on. The pieces will be hung in monthly groups, so you can go through the exhibition following the timeline of the year that passed.

The work of Poul Lange has been described by artwrite Susan Hewitt as follows:
In Poul Lange's collages, discarded and fractured things of various ages and disparate heritages meet. These are all objects of no apparent value that have been abandoned; they are detritus. And, of course, by the very nature of the collage medium, they are silent, mute, and unmoving. Yet the artist makes us feel that these little pieces of trash have met together in such joy that they sing and dance on the page.
Poul Lange feels that his collages reflect, resemble and imitate the unpredictably harmonious and fascinating juxtapositions which confront us many times daily, as we travel on our own trajectory through life. But more often than not, we move through each of our days busy and pre-occupied, so that we are oblivious to the beauty and significance of each day's spontaneous compositions, whether they are grand in scale or minute. Lange is calling us to look first at his examples, and then subsequently be enabled to see the same joy and meaning as it forms and reforms around us in the constant flow of everyday life.

The exhibition, "1998" (held together with glue) will be shown at Cast Iron Gallery, 159 Mercer St. (between Houston and Prince St. - Phone: 212 274 8624) from January 30 to February 11.
The artist will be present at a reception Saturday January 30th from 3 to 7 PM.

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